How do you define a true feeling of excitement? Is it the sensation that comes once you win a spin of a fine slots game? Does it have something to do with the action of depositing during the spins? Maybe it’s the feeling that comes every time you try new online slots games you simply didn’t try before? Well, if your true excitement comes from playing the Canadian slots games, with the best benefits ever existing, having the ability to win up to 550, 000 credits and enjoying many other wonderful benefits that you simply won’t find anywhere else… Pistoleras slots game is DEFINITELY the right one for you.

You are more than welcome to join the exciting experience that many other gamblers enjoyed before, and gamble more and more at one of the most favoured online slots existing in Canada.

What Benefits Differentiate This Game from Others?

Have you heard about the Scatter symbol? Scatter is one of the most important symbols existing in every fine slots game. The Scatter is virtually one of your most fundamental keys to play slots for free and win more and more. However, as previously stated,  Pistoleras Online Slots has unique gaming features you will find as highly rewarding in comparison to other games. The first thing that you will probably like to know is that at this game there are TWO different Scatter symbols that can benefit you.

The first kind is called SCATTER COACH. The SCATTER COACH can trigger 15, 20 and 25 FREE SPINS in direct relation to the number of SCATTER COACH symbols appearing on the screen (3, 4 or 5). Another wonderful thing that this symbol can benefit you with is the 3X multiplier that applies on every SCATTER COACH win. Moreover, the FREE SPINS bonus can be retriggered during the FREE SPINS themselves and benefit you much more! The SCATTER COACH can also benefit you with payouts of its own, before the FREE SPINS even start. Two such SCATTERS are all that you need in order to enjoy 75. 00 credits. Three such symbols will benefit you with 150. 00 credits and four symbols are what you need in order to win 750. 00 credits. Now, 7, 500. 00 credits can also be yours and all that you need to have is five SCATTER COACH symbols on your reels!

Are you ready for more? Here comes the SCATTER BONUS symbol. This symbol, once appearing on reels 3, 4 and 5 can trigger the SALOON BONUS! Three SCATTER bonus symbols can also benefit you with 150. 00 credits and alter substantially your whole gaming experience!

So, What ARE those FREE SPINS?

That’s a wonderful question. The FREE SPINS are one of the most beloved benefits that slots games can offer as a bonus to the gamblers. As commonly known, gaining more and more credits is one of the most rewarding things a fine gambling game can offer the players. Therefore,  Pistoleras Online Slots decided to give you a way to enjoy gaining more credits, while working less for that. Once the SCATTERs do their job and you are benefited with FREE SPINS, you get into a gaming mode that lets you enjoy spins that are”free of charge”in terms of credits. You are not required to deposit at all and all that really happens is that you get to play a certain amount of spins (with the option to win more credits) and simply have a LOT of fun!


Your WILD adventure is just getting started! After you got introduced to a way that lets you gamble and not deposit much, you will now get introduced to another way to win more credits! Do you remember the times you had to gain, at least, three identical symbols (or four… or five) next to each other in order to gain more credits? Well, you can forget all about these days because from now on… two, three and four symbols are all that you are going to need. With a WILD symbol, of course. WILD is a great symbol, since it can substitute virtually any other symbol on the reels (any symbol except the SCATTERS, to be exact). Once it does that, it can take the place of the missing symbol and create a series for you so you can win this spin!

So, if you have two identical symbols next to each other and a WILD symbol is just next by, a three of a kind is created and you are immediately rewarded with more credits. Same applies to three adjacent symbols, with a WILD one on the next reels – four of a kind will be created and your previous winning will produce you a higher payout. Similarly, five of a kind can now be created with merely four identical symbols. A WILD will take the place of the missing symbol and a huge payout will soon be yours.

Let the Game Play for You!

It is time to let the game play on an Auto Mode for you. If up to this day you were waiting patiently while pressing the Spin button, with a desire to see the game moving forward, yet with no desire to press the Spin button – the next gaming method is just the perfect one for you! From this day on, all that you need to do is press the 5X, 10X or AutoPlay buttons. If you press one of the first two buttons – five or ten spins will be automatically played for you, and you will just have to relax and watch. If you press the last one, you get to customize the autospins just the way YOU want them to be!