If you’re a fan of Olympus, you’ll love the magic of this game. And even if you don’t know much about the Greek gods, you’ll learn about them and love this theme as one of the best Canadian slots games. When you start to play, you’ll see that there are loads of symbols from the world of the gods. These include Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite and Areas. During the game, you’ll join Zeus on his battle to get Hades out of the way.

Symbols you’ll focus on here include the bronze spear, the gold goblet, a winged helmet, the shield and all of these gods. Since Mt Olympus is the place where the gods lived in Ancient Greek mytholody, it makes sense that the game would take place there. You’ll see Zeus in all his glory taking on Hades and trying to get the god of the underworld away from his safe haven. The graphics here are bold and the theme is exciting to behold.

Getting Started

The Legend of Olympus Online Slots of a five reel and 20 payline game that has all sorts of great features. Tehre are free spins, a bonus round, a gamble feature and more. The graphics are enhanced in the online slots games at the online slots casino by the 3D reels. These spin with music that accompanies them and makes the game that much more enticing and inviting.

Symbols to Watch

With the game, there are many symbols that help you to win. Hades is a wild symbol and he’ll step in for others to make wins. Zeus can offer you a chance to enjoy the free spins slots games online when you have three or more of him across the reels. Zeus will toss some lightning bolts in the direction of Hades here and it will add to your excitement of the game. Each time that he throws them, a different number will appear and this is the number of free spins that you have. Then, you can enjoy the free spins slots games online and these spins can even be retriggered.

More Fun

With the Legend of Olympus Online Slots the gold coin symbol will trigger the Styx bonus round if you have three or more of them. Then, you click on the spinning coins to see two or more gold coins and you’ll get to travel the river. If you get through the river Styx you will then have treasure chests to select from and each one has a different cash prize. You may start out with the game in demo mode, but be sure to switch to real money to have the most fun from the game that is possible. Enjoy every minute that you have with this powerful game that is filled with fun.

Get in the Game Today

You’ll love the feel of one of the best Canadian slots games around with the Legend of Olympus Online Slots. This game will take you to another world as you experience the ancient Greek world and the gods of that time period. Enjoy everything exotic and exciting about this online slots games at an online slots casino and have a great time today! Join Zeus, Hades and all of the other gods and learn about the ancient world in a way that you may never have seen it before. Even if you’re a mythology buff and you already know a great deal, you’ll love the way that everything is portrayed here.